Mindflex Leadership develops programmes that help organisations and their managers become more effective and agile leaders. Supporting and challenging managers on how to carry out their business as normal and then improve performance, execute strategy and plan for the future.

Our Three-Part Learning Process

Mindflex encourages managers to focus on the three critical points of leadership impact

Aligning planning and action with the vision and purpose

Teams deliver business plans and the effectiveness of teams depends predominantly on whether they share a clear sense of purpose. Mindflex teaches managers how to achieve a shared sense of purpose, the golden thread that aligns the strategy to actions.

Developing adaptive, client-focused teams

The ability of leaders to adapt to and focus on desired outcomes is critical in fast growing successful business. Leaders must be able to form, manage and motivate teams with the goal of achieving their shared outcomes. Enabling managers to develop agile, client focused teams.

Changing how people feel, think and act

The culture of an organisation will determine the success or failure of any given strategy. Culture is a sum of people’s behaviour, which is driven by their values, motivations and interactions. Mindflex enables leaders to understand these drivers, shift behaviour, improve performance and change culture.


  • Business Improvement – Delivers immediate and sustainable performance improvement

  • Financial Impact – Produces a measurable impact on the bottom line

  • Long-term Value  – Builds long-term value in the business


Creating switched-on managers who learn new skills including:

  • Creative adaptable leadership

  • Practical steps for leading people and changing culture

  • How to shift behaviours of individuals, teams and businesses

  • To work with the heart, mind and soul of management and motivation

  • To manage change, disruption and discord


Group workshop activities

Discussion groups creating an environment to discover, explore, collaborate and set objectives and goals.

Bite-sized learning modules

Exploring how managers work and looking at alternative models that they can discuss, practice and adopt.

Self-managed learning groups

To develop teamwork that continues the development process long after the training has finished.

Group coaching activities

Helping groups to become more self-aware, take initiative, overcome blind spots and build personal development plans. Each manager presents a challenge or opportunity, their actions and their plans for the future. The group then questions the individual to work out solutions.

Case studies discussion groups

Based on near real issues, challenges and opportunities that the business is facing and asking how would they address the challenges?

Managers use different tools, work collaboratively, build trust and learn under pressure.

Individual coaching
(face to face and remote)

Coaches help build strengths and work on observed sticking points by discussing observations and preparing for implementation real business situations.

Individual online learning plans, assessments and certification

Tailored online learning plans help embed learning focusing on practical application and measure progress.

Alumni membership

To ensure the bonds that are built during the process are developed into an ongoing support network.

Measurement of impact and value

Participant’s progress and corresponding business improvements are measured before during and after each programme.





  • Manager/Sponsor/Participant interviews

  • Staff /Customer questionnaires

  • Manager profiling

  • 360º feedback

  • Workshops


  • Leadership development plan

  • Organisational development plan

  • Succession plan for the organisation

  • Development plans for teams and/or managers


I have worked with Brian for over 10 years and in that time Brian has been a high-value-add coach. He has always delivered impressive results in helping transform the business with which he is engaged. He is careful to understand the challenges facing the business, rather than addressing the symptoms of an underlying problem. His approach is to transform the organisation from within by a creating the correct culture and behaviours in employees across all levels of seniority. I have found his approach to be highly effective in delivering measurable and lasting business benefits.

Derek BrownDirector at Detica plc

I had the opportunity to have Brian as a coach at a critical time in my career, I had just been appointed as company's president in a new country with a significantly larger business basis and for the first time in Europe.
He helped me discover a series of insights that allowed me to work on my strengths and areas of opportunity, and also outline a clear action plan to tackle the challenges.
This was possible due to a relationship built on trust that fostered a transparent exchange between both parties. I highly recommend Brian for any one that aspires to have a successful career.

Armando HenriquesPresident, BG Brazil

I have been working with Brian at a personal level for over three years. During that time he has been invaluable in helping me to work through many challenges in my organisation. Brian is extremely responsive and supportive, but also challenging when he needs to be. He is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him in the future as well.

Ian CrambMD Citigroup

I thoroughly enjoyed being under your coaching.
Your style of identifying my coaching needs and persuading me to trust your advice to try techniques beyond my comfort zone were very impactful.
Your techniques on selling using “fill the table”, “label the boxes” and “GRIP” are extremely powerful.
I continue to use them regularly and share with colleagues, friends and family.
Your fundamental beliefs on the “power of relationships” transformed my thinking and have helped me build lasting relationships – personal and business.

Sandeep ChouhanCIO Barclays Bank plc

Brian possesses a detailed understanding of senior leadership teams and their dynamics. He is not afraid to go in and tactfully but effectively challenge the way they work and support them to make changes and implement these. I was part of a two year programme which I worked on with Brian to implement at one organization. I was impressed by the changes in behaviour and way we operated much more effectively as individual leaders and as a team, so I used him again in my next organization with similar results. Brian has also been my coach for several years and is a continual source of challenging and useful career advice.

Shirley AdrainChief of Staff, Barclays Bank plc

He challenged at the top of our organisation and facilitated the creation of value where others had no influence. From this position he helped facilitate the implementation of strategy.
He helped to create an environment where the organisation is ready to embrace change. Brian believes that there must be a shared understanding – a language that brings individuals, teams and organisations together. Leadership challenges can be complex and difficult. The tools must be easy to use to encourage take up, they must be straightforward and not distracting to the core business. Most importantly they must be jargon free and meaningful.

Sandeep ChouhanCIO, Barclays Bank plc

Brian is an excellent coach who is personable and engaging but not afraid to challenge and push the boundaries. His approach is very much results orientated which makes working with Brian feel like a true partnership. I am delighted to recommend him.

Warren FootSenior Partner, London office, Blake Morgan LLP

Brian has worked with me individually as an executive coach and with my business unit helping us to become more competitive, developing stronger teamwork and leadership effectiveness.
His focus on developing business results through stronger business relationships is a formula that has proven itself in many different contexts for me. I strongly recommend Brian and I will work with him again.

Ed MiltonDirector, Detica plc

We brought Brian in to assist our business division through a time when we were changing the culture and requiring the team to take a significant step up. He took time to understand us as a business, where we were and where we wanted to get to. His approach was practical and very effective, not the usual management speak, and enabled us to take a significant step forward.

Andrew HubbardPartner, Mazars LLP, London

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